YouTube SEO: Tips and tricks on how to get your videos ranked high on YouTube

With earning money being a requirement many people are striving to gain, YouTube just offers itself as another platform where content creators can earn money based on the views of their videos.

Not only do YouTube videos act as a path of money making for content creators, they also help others find solutions to their problems. From tutorials on how to make origami and alcohol art to technology and machinery,

As modernization in modern times hovers over us, we at times forget to keep up with new technology being released. However, the world must go on, and we must continue striving by using such machinery to make our lives perhaps a little less complexed.

But when we do not know how to make use of such machinery we go on YouTube to see a tutorial on how we can operate the machinery.

We as viewers, who need help, we click on perhaps the top 6 to 7 videos with the most views.

But as a content creator, how do you get your video on a particular topic, to be ranked within the top 6 videos for viewers to click on?

Here are tips to consider when making content and posting it on YouTube:

  1. Keywords

Focus intently on the keywords your content will be based off of. With new goods and services being developed and spread within the market, the demand shifts like a hurricane changing its path. It is important to keep up with the trends and demands so that more and more people click on your videos.

This helps gain more attraction. Content creators can even check through multiple websites which key words are the ‘trend’ in present times, which helps the content creators decide what they video will be consisting of.

  1. Add your keywords into the title:

Affiliating your viewers with what your content is about helps increase their demand to click on your video. Adding keywords such as “Alcohol art tips for beginners” this title regards “alcohol art” and “beginners” as its keywords. It helps a viewer realize if the video is made for them or not.

  1. Add details into your video description:

Connect with your audience, tell them about the contents of the video, offer them more links to study in depth about the topic they are pursuing. This connection psychologically attracts the viewers into coming back to the YouTube channel more and more to see what else they can offer.

  1. Hashtags

Users may now utilize Youhashtags (#) on social media to search information that responds to their queries across a number of sites. To make it easier for viewers to locate any video when they search for a particular hash tag, you can add hash tags to the descriptions and titles of your YouTube videos.

Particularly, tags aid in advancing search since they highlight important patterns. When you include a hash tag in the video description, it will first appear above the video’s title before turning into a hyperlink.

Our advice is that you place your hash tags above the video’s title. Additionally, keep in mind where you put the hash tags for your videos here.

Hash tags from descriptions won’t be shown next to the video title if you include one in the title.

  1. Deduce your YouTube category:

Users may choose the filter to see videos from different categories while looking for a specific film with sophisticated choices.

It’s crucial to contextualize your video with classifications before to uploading it to increase your chances of being found by users.

You should be able to deduce a category on YouTube that fits your videos because there are so many alternatives available. When uploading your video, you have the option of choosing a category.

  1. Create your own unique thumbnail image:

Your YouTube videos might benefit or suffer from thumbnails. When individuals view the YouTube search results, they are the first thing that catches their eye.

A compelling thumbnail can result in a longer watch duration, which can significantly impact YouTube ranking. To ensure that your video is seen, make something that stands out from the throng and attracts attention.

As an illustration, these thumbnails are just grabbed from the video and are most likely not the most pertinent to draw the user’s attention.

These are some of the few tips that we advise almost every content creator should use in order to get their videos ranked higher within the YouTube SEO.

Though it may seem like a long process to label everything and so on, but once you get paid for the hard work you’ve carried out, it’ll all become worth it.

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